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The Chip Carrier, Universal Chip Support for High Level Integration

C. Val, G. Kersuzan, B. Dreyfus‐Alain

The ‘chip carrier’ or CC is an intermediate support, hermetically sealed or otherwise, (of alumina, beryllium oxide or plastic) requires to connect an integrated circuit…

Comparative Study of Thick Film Dielectrics

W. Vermeirsch

Increasing density requirements urge the thick film hybrid manufacturers to print high resolution patterns and to consider the application of multilayer hybrids. The…

A Review of Distributed RC Thick Film Components

P.L. Moran

Some of the unique properties of distributed RC thick film components are reviewed and discussed. In particular the evolution of a method of functionally adjusting active…

The Use of Polymer Thick Film for Making Printed Circuit Boards

F.W. Martin

The electronics industry is facing a situation in which the cost of electronic functions is dropping continuously while the cost of interconnecting the functions by…

Thermal Expansion and Laser Trim Stability of Ruthenium Based Thick Film Resistors on Alumina and on Multilayer Dielectric

I. Taitl

Fired resistors exhibit variations which are minimised by abrasive and laser trimming. The latter may cause unstable behaviour which is further aggravated by thermal…

Mounting Leadless Chip Carriers onto Printed Circuit Boards

D. Fishman, N. Cooper

It is reasoned that wide penetration of chip carriers into equipment for professional and commercial applications depends on developing methods for mounting the leadless…

A True Air Speed Sensor for Miniature Unmanned Aircraft

J.A.C. Beattie

This paper describes the development of a laboratory prototype true air speed sensor for use on unmanned aircraft. The sensor works on vortex shedding principles and has a…

The Business of Thick Film

M.G. Sage

This paper looks at the growth, current situation and future of the thick film hybrid industry worldwide. The approach taken has been to regard the thick film hybrid as…

Complementary Technologies—A Comparison of Electronic Packaging Technologies for Circuit Realisation

D.O. Spiller

This paper outlines the results of a study (initiated in June 1981) of the optimum packaging and interconnection techniques for a specific electronic sub‐system which was…


P.L. Kirby

As Vice‐President of ISHM‐UK, I am very pleased to have this opportunity to express a few thoughts about our technology in this first issue of the new Journal. In the UK…

ISHM news

Daniel D Zimmerman has been named by the International Society for Hybrid Microelectronics to fill the newly created position of Director of Technical Services (DOTS) on…

Industry news

Piezo Ceram Electronique, the French furnace and manufacturing equipment company have appointed Dage (GB) Ltd. as their UK agent. Particular emphasis will be placed on…

New products

A new range of feed systems is claimed to be particularly suitable for larger substrates and those with special flatness problems. The DEK AUTOFEED 3960/3970/3980 series…

Bruel & Kjaer, Denmark

Forty years ago, in 1942, a worthy partnership was formed by Dr. Bruel and Dr. Kjaer to specialise in, what at the time could never have been envisaged as of such…

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