Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics: Volume 29 Issue 3


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Reducing meat consumption: the case for social marketing

Diana Bogueva, Dora Marinova, Talia Raphaely

The purpose of this paper is to explore reasons behind meat consumption. It aims to find out what motivates meat consumers and explore the opportunities of social…


Power and relationship quality in supply chains: The case of the Australian organic fruit and vegetable industry

Sumangala Bandara, Civilai Leckie, Antonio Lobo, Chandana Hewege

The purpose of this paper is to test the impact of power (coercive and non-coercive) on supply chain (SC) relationship success. In particular, this paper aims to examine…


Marketing implications from a behaviourism perspective of consumption dynamics and socio-demographics of wine consumers

Johan Bruwer, Emily McCutcheon

The purpose of this paper is to facilitate a better understanding of the insights provided by adopting a behaviourism perspective of the socio-demographics, consumption…


Cometh self-image congruence: a cross-cultural study

Shih-Tung Shu, Stephen Strombeck

Prior research has clearly shown that ethnocentric consumers favor local brands. However, consumers also strongly favor local and global brands which reinforce their…

How consumer mindsets in ethnic Chinese societies affect the intention to buy Fair Trade products: The mediating and moderating roles of moral identity

Ghi-Feng Yen, Ru-Yu Wang, Hsin-Ti Yang

The purpose of this paper is to examine how psychological antecedents (i.e. consumer mindsets) and individual difference characteristics (i.e. moral identity) affect the…


Repurchase intention of Korean beauty products among Taiwanese consumers

Massoud Moslehpour, Wing-Keung Wong, Kien Van Pham, Carrine K. Aulia

The purpose of this paper is to bridge the gap in the literature to examine key factors that influence Taiwanese consumers to repurchase Korean beauty products.


A review of Spanish consumers’ product-country image of China

Haritz Gorostidi-Martinez, Weimin Xu, Xiaokang Zhao

The purpose of this paper is to facilitate and clarify the perceptions of Spanish consumers towards China, its people, and its products, while outlining the overall…

Consumer racism: a scale modification

Samshul-Amry Abdul-Latif, Asmat-Nizam Abdul-Talib

Consumer racism describes the act of purchase discrimination based on ethnic and/or cultural differences. As the original consumer racism scale was developed based on a…


Price reduction strategy: Effect of consumers’ price unfairness perceptions of past purchase on brand equity

Waheed Kareem Abdul

The purpose of this paper is to address consumers’ post-purchase perceptions toward the brand when it adopts price reduction strategy. The study specifically…


Assessing two consumer behavioural intention models in a service environment

Shehely Parvin, Paul Z. Wang, Jashim Uddin

The purpose of this paper is to examine two alternative consumer behavioural intention models that have been developed from the marketing and information systems…


What if the future never comes? Understanding consumer perceptions of future anticipatory efforts of brands

Jony Haryanto, Muhammad Kashif, Luiz Moutinho, Yusepaldo Pasharibu

The contemporary organizations invest a lot of funds to gain a better understanding of the emerging needs of customers in near future. However, customers sometimes do not…

Critical success factors of recording studio in Indonesia

Harriman Samuel Saragih

This viewpoint paper is based on consultancy project in developing strategic marketing plan for building a professional recording studio in Bandung, Indonesia…

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