Journal of Management History (Archive): Volume 5 Issue 6


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“Make haste slowly”: Augustus Caesar transforms the Roman world

Daniel J. Svyantek

The Roman Empire illustrates how change occurs in complex social systems. An analysis of: the effects of transformational leadership and transactional leadership styles in…


The rise and fall and rise of Japan’s stable shareholders

Stewart Johnston, Lynn McAlevey

A historical analysis of the industrial groupings distinctive to Japan demonstrates the existence of persistent cohorts of stable friendly shareholders within group…


A historical perspective on fad adoption and abandonment

Paula Phillips Carson, Patricia A. Lanier, Kerry David Carson, Betty J. Birkenmeier

While management is considered relatively immature compared to other social sciences, for over half the lifespan of the discipline, the field has been bombarded with…


Where do management fashions come from, and how long do they stay?

Chester S. Spell

Recent management history has seen a surge in the number of ideas that supposedly represent the cutting edge of management progress. This paper investigates the emergence…


Changing forms of workplace representation: the United States Steel Corporation, 1933‐1937

Raymond L. Hogler

Since the National Labor Relations (Wagner) Act of 1935, American labor law has prohibited certain forms of workplace organization in nonunion firms. Congress routinely…


The history of Herman Miller, Inc. and the nature of emergence: “Emergent all the way down”

Thomas J. Hench

This study examines the nature of emergent, self‐organizing systems in the context of the history of Herman Miller, Inc. This history informs our understanding of emergent…


Management history gurus of the 1990s: Their lives, their contributions

Jane Whitney Gibson, Richard M. Hodgetts, Jorge M. Herrera

This paper discusses the lives and contributions of five key members of the Management History Division: Arthur G. Bedeian; Alfred A. Bolton; James C. Worthy (now…




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