Journal of Management History (Archive): Volume 4 Issue 4


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Organizational scepticism

James A. Stever

Scepticism about organizations has become an integral part of the field organizational theory. This article aspires to develop through historical analysis a taxonomy of…


Organizational scepticism, the modern conception of leadership and the obsession with new

Larry D. Terry, Maxine G. Levin

This essay focuses on institutional leadership in complex public organizations. Using an expanded version of James A. Stever’s organizational scepticism framework, an argument is…


Global economic competition, Adam Smith, and the no‐harm proviso

Norman S. Wright, David Kirkwood Hart

This paper asks the question, “What is the appropriate management value system for commerce in the increasingly complex global marketplace?” We argue that the current management…

The leadership enigma: toward a model of organizational optimism

Gerald T. Gabris, Stephen A. Maclin, Douglas M. Ihrke

While many, with good reason, have come to view the demoralizing side of modern public bureaucracies with skepticism, many have gone so far as to use these as a basis for…


Is postmodern organization theory sceptical?

Deena Weinstein, Michael A. Weinstein

The practitioners of postmodern organization theory have had to respond to the charge that postmodernism has a declivity toward skepticism. Their response to organizational…




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