Journal of Management History (Archive): Volume 4 Issue 2


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Institutionalization and structuring of certified public accountants: An analysis of the development of education and experience requirements for certified public accountants

Philip H. Siegel, John T. Rigsby

The effects of institutionalization and structuring in the public accounting profession are considered in relation to the development of education and experience…


Determining responsibility for development of the moving assembly line

Jay H. Heizer

The development of the moving automobile final assembly line was a major milestone in manufacturing. The techniques required to make it work are demanding, but the…


Evolution of the book publishing industry: Structural changes and strategic implications

Hean Tat Keh

The book publishing industry, compared with other more “glamorous” industries such as automobiles or computers, has received relatively scant attention from academic…


Evolution of product warranty: a chronological study

Arvinder P.S. Loomba

Provides a chronological account of the evolution of the concept of product warranty and its development over the four millennia to its present state at the dawn of…

A brief history of accounting for the translation of foreign currencies

Todd Jackson, Doris M. Cook

Problems in accounting for the translation of foreign currencies are as old as money itself, as far back as the ancient Greeks. In the USA these problems have been of…




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