Journal of Management History (Archive): Volume 2 Issue 2


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Reflections on the history of management thought

William B. Wolf

Presents anecdotes in the development of aspects of the field of management, relating to Lawrence J. Henderson, Chester I. Barnard, Peter Drucker, Kurt Lewin and J.B…


Mary Parker Follett: assessing the contribution and impact of her writings

Brian R. Fry, Lotte L. Thomas

Examines the extent and nature of Mary Parker Follett’s contribution to the literature of public administration and related fields. First reviews the substantive…


Frederick W. Taylor, J. Maunsell White III, and the Matthew Effect: The rest of the story

Christopher P. Neck, Arthur G. Bedeian

In an effort to give credit where credit is due, recounts J. Maunsell White III’s role in the development of the Taylor‐White process for treating tool steel. A…


Incorporating the contrary: The politics of dichotomy in Chester Barnard’s organization sociology

Steven P. Feldman

Every writer, Nietzsche once commented, has an intellectual idiosyncrasy that, once grasped, can be used as a key to interpret their work. In Chester Barnard’s classic…


Leonard Dupee White and public administration

Jeffrey A. Weber

Provides an historical study of the intellectual thought of Leonard Dupee White. Contends that L.D. White is one of the major theorists and practitioners in public…




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1995 – 2000

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