Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering: Volume 22 Issue 3


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Human factors in maintenance: a review

Mohammad Sheikhalishahi, Liliane Pintelon, Ali Azadeh

– The purpose of this paper is to review current literature analyzing human factors in maintenance, and areas in need of further research are suggested.


Asset integrity management: offshore installations challenges

Mayang Kusumawardhani, Rajesh Kumar, Markeset Tore

The purpose of this paper is to identify the challenges facing asset integrity management (AIM) practices in the oil and gas industry, in order to continually develop AIM…


Investigation of maintenance performance for a gasification process unit using Weibull analysis

Nur Izyan Zulkafli, Reduan Mat Dan

The purpose of this paper is to investigate maintenance performance of a gasification process unit by identifying reliability, failure and hazard rate. The prediction on the…

The role of performance measurement in developing industrial services

Sanna Pekkola, Minna Saunila, Juhani Ukko, Tero Rantala

The purpose of this paper is to examine inter-organisational cooperation in delivering maintenance services, focusing on the level of maturity of this cooperation and the current…

Observing the effect of a policy: a maintenance case

Chris Rijsdijk, Tiedo Tinga

– The purpose of this paper is to show that maintenance performance is potentially better predictable from recording routines.

Availability analysis of a LNG processing plant using the Markov process

Jakiul Hassan, Premkumar Thodi, Faisal Khan

– The purpose of this paper is to propose a state dependent stochastic Markov model for availability analysis of process plant instead of traditional time dependent model.

Electrical fault diagnosis in induction motors using local extremes analysis

Paulo Cezar Monteiro Lamim Filho , Fabiano Bianchini Batista, Robson Pederiva, Vinicius Augusto Diniz Silva

The purpose of this paper is to introduce an algorithm based only on local extreme analysis of a time sequence to further the detection and diagnosis of inter-turn short circuits…

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