Online and CD-Rom Review: Volume 23 Issue 5


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Cracking the code: web log analysis

David Nicholas, Paul Huntington, Nat Lievesley, Richard Withey

With the web being such a universally popular medium, accounting forever more a people‘s information seeking behaviour, and with every move a person makes on the web being…


New database products: social science, humanities, news and general (Issue 14)

Martha E. Williams, Daniel E. Burgard

Outlines new database products appearing in the Gale Directory of Databases, a two‐volume work published twice a year. Provides figures for the distribution and percentage…


Quieting the crowd: the clamour for full text

Bette Brunelle

One of the themes of this paper is the clamour for full text. As of today, the three basic models of full text that seemed to be lining up a year ago have become a…




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