Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal: Volume 9 Issue 2


Table of contents

Foreign language competence and cultural affinity: a study of UK executives in foreign markets

Jonathan S. Swift

Reports exploratory research which examines the relationship between the extent to which executives have a positive attitude towards a foreign culture and the level of…

The cultural boundedness of theory and practice in HRD?

David McGuire, David O’Donnell, Thomas N. Garavan, Sudhir K. Saha, Joe Murphy

Argues that cultural influences may not only affect a professional’s implicit concept of what constitutes effective practice, but may also affect researchers’ explicit…

Subcultural approaches to management: a comparative study of African‐ and Euro‐American values

Spero C. Peppas

States that as managing a culturally diverse workforce has become increasingly important to business and government, organizations across the USA have focused considerable…

Diversity of Europ’s business cultures under threat?

Collin Randlesome

Looks at the developments in the European Union and their implications for various aspects of business. Examines trends favouring the convergence of European business…



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1994 – 2015

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