Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal: Volume 4 Issue 3


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Cultural Values As Anchors For Acquiring And Building Competitive Capabilities in Firms: Indian‐US Experiences

Frédéric Jallat, Lalit M. Johri

Based on analysis of six companies, three each from India and US, it is found that companies using cultural values as anchors for acquiring and building competitive capabilites…

Recognising The Value of Cross Cultural Diversity in International Management Development Programmes

George Burt, Caroline Desai, Wes Harry

There is a growing requirement for multi‐cultural, transnationally competent managers in to‐day's global economy. However, the impact of culture, positive and negative, on…


Corporate Strategy for Doing Business in the Asia Pacific Region

Mohammed Salleh, Donald Grunewald

Multinational companies are very active players in the business environment in the Asia Pacific region. This article gives some views on how a multinational corporation should…

Determinants of Receptivity to Expatriate Assignment

Rebecca Abraham

This study is an empirical investigation of receptivity to expatriate assignment in culturally similar and dissimilar environments. The theoretical underpinnings of the study…



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