Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal: Volume 2 Issue 4


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Achieving new venture success in the emerging Arab countries: a study of comparative cultures and strategies in two segments of the Arab world

Mahmoud M. Yasin, Thomas Zimmerer

Examines the cultural and business realities of the Arab world. Presents a framework which incorporates cultural variables and their influence on business, in two similar yet…

Six country comparisons: from Brazil to Japan

Tony Morden

Compares the cultures and management styles of six countries: The Netherlands, Brazil, Germany, Japan, South Korea and Spain. The comparative analysis is based on country…


Connections and partners for small joint ventures in China

Mark W. Speece, Yukiko Kawahara

China's huge population and rapidly developing economy have attracted many foreign companies, but operating in China can be very difficult. Connections are a necessity for most…

Conglomerates in the world economy: comparing keiretsu, chaebol and grupos

Michael S. Minor, J. Michael Patrick, Wann‐Yih Wu

Although corporate structures in Japan and, to a lesser extent Korea, have been examined in the literature, in most cases the framework is not comparative. In other cases the…


Adjustment of Asian workers to working and living conditions in Arab Gulf countries

Hamid S. Atiyyah

Explores the adjustment of Asian workers to work and non‐work factors in host Gulf states. Data for this study were obtained from available published sources as well as the…



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