Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal: Volume 2 Issue 3


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Cross‐cultural negotiation behavioural differences: domestic‐focused versus worldwide‐oriented firms

Robert Gulbro, Paul Herbig

In this age of the global economy, cross‐cultural negotiation is becoming an increasingly important part of the management and marketing process for nearly every firm. Compares…


A cross‐national study of work beliefs in three countries: the People's Republic of China, Venezuela and the USA

Joel D. Nicholson, Lee P. Stepina

Examines work beliefs across three nations (The People's Republic of China (PRC), the USA and Venezuela) using Buchholz's work belief scales. Finds strong support for the…

Repatriation — clues to successful international operation?

Christine Ratnam, Jennifer Sansom

Considers the area of repatriation/reassignment of employees after international assignments and the effect that it may have on the successful internationalization of…

Management in France

Tony Morden

Begins by analysing the nature of work relations in France. These work relations can be categorized as relatively impersonal, formal, hierarchical, partitioned, subtly politicized…

Training across boundaries: promoting international small enterprise development

Derek Miles

The growing worldwide emphasis on decentralized private sector provision of infrastructure projects and urban services in developing countries has been reflected in a need to…



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1994 – 2015

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