Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal: Volume 19 Issue 1


Table of contents - Special Issue: Emotional and Social Intelligence Competencies: Cross Cultural Implications

Guest Editors: Robert Emmerling, Richard E. Boyatzis

Emotional and social intelligence competencies: cross cultural implications

Robert J. Emmerling, Richard E. Boyatzis

Continued research on the assessment and development of emotional and social intelligence competencies represents an opportunity to further both theoretical and applied…


The influence of emotional and social competencies on the performance of Peruvian refinery staff

Segundo Vito Aliaga Araujo, Scott N. Taylor

The purpose of this paper is to determine the influence of emotional and social competence (ESC) on job performance by considering self‐ratings and the ratings of others…


Measuring social and emotional intelligence competencies in the Indian context

Radha Sharma

The purpose of this paper is to determine the cross‐cultural reliability and validity of the Emotional Competence Inventory (ECI‐2) in a cross‐cultural context.


Competencies matter: modeling effective entrepreneurship in northeast of Italy small firms

Arnaldo Camuffo, Fabrizio Gerli, Paolo Gubitta

The purpose of this paper is to explore if and to what extent the competency portfolio of entrepreneurs affects firm's performance, controlling for a set of individual and…


Thinking globally, leading locally: Chinese, Indian, and Western leadership

Betzaluz Gutierrez, Signe M. Spencer, Guorong Zhu

The purpose of this paper is to examine senior leadership behaviors across samples of Chinese, Indian, and Western chief executive officers (CEOs).


Development and validation of a customized competency‐based questionnaire: Linking social, emotional, and cognitive competencies to business unit profitability

Geoff Ryan, Lyle M. Spencer, Urs Bernhard

The purpose of this paper is to report data empirically linking competencies of individual leaders to business profitability and demonstrate that competencies are cross‐culturally…


EI training and sales performance during a corporate merger

Gilles E. Gignac, Richard J. Harmer, Sue Jennings, Benjamin R. Palmer

The purpose of this paper is to examine statistically the efficacy of an emotional intelligence (EI) training program on sales performance and emotional intelligence in a group of…




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