Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal: Volume 12 Issue 4


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Individualism and collectivism in Taiwan

Abbas J. Ali, Monle Lee, Yi‐Ching Hsieh, Krish Krishnan

Individualism collectivism measures, along with decision styles, are examined in Taiwan. About 600 questionnaires were distributed directly to employees with managerial positions…


Equity or equality? a conceptual examination of the influence of individualism/collectivism on the cross‐cultural application of equity theory

Paul A. Fadil, Robert J. Williams, Wanthanee Limpaphayom, Cindi Smatt

Conceptually examines the effect of individualism/collectivism on the tenets of equity theory. It is the view of the authors that the equality principle of reward allocation in…


A Cross‐cultural comparison of value systems and consumer ethics

Charles W. Ford, Sarath A. Nonis, Gail I. Hudson

Given the in creasing globalisation of economies, a growing number of marketing firms are expecting more of their profits to be derived from international sales. However, failure…


Importance of information sources and media evaluations: a cross‐national study

Nicholas J. Ashill, Ugur Yavas

The study reported in this article investigates whether or not consumers from Turkey and New Zealand attach similar levels of importance to various information sources in their…


Cultural values in Malaysia: Chinese, Malays and Indians compared

Rodrigue Fontaine, Stanley Richardson

Discusses various cultures around the world and examines some models of national culture particularly those of Hofstede and Schwartz. It reports some findings on cultural…


Job candidate attributes: a comparison of Chinese and US employer evaluations and the perceptions of Chinese students

Spero C. Peppas, Tie‐liu Yu

Successful staffing in organizations requires that job applicant qualifications be properly matched with job requirements and corporate culture. With rapid economic expansion in…




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