Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal: Volume 12 Issue 2


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The effect of emotions in cross‐cultural expatriate experiences

Jacintha A.C. Tan, Charmine E.J. Härtel, Debra Panipucci, Victoria E. Strybosch

With increased recognition of the existence of emotions in everyday interpersonal interactions, the need for emotions in cross‐cultural interactions has become more obvious…


Organisational commitment in the small entrepreneurial business in Singapore

Steve McKenna

Using qualitative data from 20 managers in four small Singaporean businesses in the services sector this article explores the issue of organisational commitment. The findings…


The influence of industrialisation on ethical ideology of managers in the People’s Republic of China

Kylie Redfern

An individual’s ethical ideology has been identified as one of the key components in fluencing ethical decision making in organisations. The Ethics Position Questionnaire is…


Teaching multiculturalism in an age of terrorism: a business perspective

Donna J. Cunningham

While the debate about the value of teaching multiculturalism has continued, recent political events have made the task more difficult. University students affected by these…


Job related attitudes and ethics in countries with different histories

Ruth Alas

This article compares people from different countries according to their job related attitudes and ethical values based on empirical data from 15 countries. The results indicate…


Relating work values to societal values: evidence from the Turkish business context

Serdar Karabati, Arzu Iseri Say

Work and societal values were examined through a 72‐item survey for a sample of nearly six hundred managers, business owners, and professionals in Turkey. Factor analyses revealed…




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