Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal: Volume 10 Issue 3


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Managing intellectual labour in Sweden and England

Jim Barry, Elisabeth Berg, John Chandler

Reports on findings from a research project, which has been examining the development of the New Public Management (NPM), a managerial reform movement for change in public sectors…


The generation gap and cultural influence – a Taiwan empirical investigation

Hui‐Chun, Yu, Peter Miller

It is well researched and reported that the culture of a nation has a major impact on employees’ work related values, attitudes and expectations. The objective of this study was…


The relationship between work‐role characteristics and intercultural transitional adjustment domain patterns among a sample of US and Canadian expatriates on assignment in Ireland

Michael J. Morley, Mary Flynn

Borrowing from earlier contributions in the cross‐cultural management and international human resource management literatures, firstly we conceptualise expatriate adjustment as a…


Reciprocal adjustment? mainland Chinese managers in Hong Kong vs. Hong Kong Chinese managers on the mainland

Jan Selmer, Eric S.H. Ling, Lewis S.C. Shiu, Corinna T. de Leon

The adjustment of business managers from Beijing and Shanghai assigned to Hong Kong and of Hong Kong expatriates working in Beijing and Shanghai were compared in an exploratory…

Teaching students to manage cross culturally

Christopher Orpen

It is argued that the teaching of cross‐cultural management is both possible and, in principle, no different from teaching any other aspect of management. However, given the…




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1994 – 2015

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