Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal: Volume 10 Issue 2


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The cross‐cultural transfer of management practices: the case for creative synthesis

John O. Ogbor, Johnnie Williams

Examines the interaction between Western leader ship and authority practices and those of a non Western culture (Nigeria) in their managerial and or ganisational context. Data…


The effectiveness of quality efforts in the Portuguese business culture: an empirica investigation

Elisabete Correia, João Lisboa, Mahmoud Yasin

This study empirically examines the impact of quality effort orientation on the financial performance of certified Portuguese firms. The results of factor analysis revealed four…


Language management in multinational companies

Alan J. Feely, Anne‐Wil Harzing

The importance of language management in multinational companies has never been greater than today. Multinationals are becoming ever more conscious of the importance of global…


Ethos, culture and reform pattersn: some British‐Yugoslav comparison

Zeljko Sevic

This article analyses value preferences and basic cultural behavioural patterns in two fairly diverse countries/societies: Britain and Yugoslavia. It is, from the very outset…


Cross‐cultural research in Malaysia

Rodrigue Fontaine, Stanley Richardson

This article takes stock of the state of cross‐cultural management in Malaysia. It first focuses on a number of problems that cross‐cultural management faces generally, namely the…




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1994 – 2015

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