Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal: Volume 10 Issue 1


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A cross‐cultural comparison of business ethics: cases of Russia, Slovenia, Turkey, and United States

Robert D. Hisrich, Branko Bucar, Sevgi Oztark

Presents the empirical findings regarding the ethical attitudes of business people in four culturally and economically different countries (Russia, Slovenia, Turkey, and the…


National culture and classical principles of planning

John K.S. Chong, Jaesun Park

Evaluates the classical theoretical framework of planning and its relevancy in an international context. Additionally, it integrates Hofstede’s model of cultural dimensions into…


Cultural dynamics of corporate fraud

Douglas M. Watson

The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between cultural heritage and attitudes toward fraud. The data indicates that the culturalisation process is complex, with…


Patterns of stress, work‐family conflict, role conflict, role ambiguity and overload among dual‐career and single‐career couples: an Australian study

David F. Elloy, Catherine R. Smith

The dual‐career phenomenon has become increasingly prevalent worldwide. This lifestyle often generates stresses and strains, at home and at work, for couples juggling multiple…


Cultural implications for the appraisal process

Stefan Groeschl

According to numerous cross‐cultural and comparative management studies, management perceptions and approaches differ across cultures, in particular, the management of human…


Coordination economies, advertising, and search behaviour in retail markets by Kyle Bagwell and Garey Ramey: a comment

Walter Block

Discusses Bagwell and Ramey’s theory that advertising can promote sales even if mostly informative. Posits there must be method in what would perhaps seem to be the madness of…




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