World Class Design to Manufacture: Volume 1 Issue 5


Operations and Logistics Management

Table of contents

Streamlining the Fuzzy Front‐end

Don Reinertsen

In the product development process the time between“could” start and actually starting, it is referred to asthe “fuzzy front‐end” and is the key to reducingtime‐to‐market…

Implementing a New Design Process

Helen Mill, Bill Ion

Discusses why many organizations still perform design in an adhoc manner, despite the benefits of a structured design processexemplified by organization such as Land‐Rover…

Industrial Design: High Time Cinderella Went to the Ball

Gus Desbarats

Argues the case for the full integration of industrial design intothe new product development (NPD) process. Demonstrates, first, a clearstructure of benefits based on…

Software Development Process Improvement: The Forgotten Son?

Gregg Tong

Explores the issues surrounding process improvements in thesoftware development function of product development, an areatraditionally neglected by corporate quality…

Competing through Teams and Technology

Andrew Lee‐Mortimer

Discusses in depth the Virtual Vision Sport – which allowsviewers to watch big screen television through five‐ounce sunglasses.Links up to camcorders, VCRs, cable TV and…

Accelerated Product Development: An Experience with Small and Medium‐sized Companies

Ian Haynes, Noel Frost

Discusses case studies of small and medium‐sized companies in whichthe Queensland Manufacturing Institute (QMI) has facilitated improvedproduct development processes using…

Putting Concurrent Engineering into Practice

Graeme Holmes

In recognition of the need for vastly improved new productdevelopment processes among companies with a number of industrialsectors, examines one company, Ricardo Hitec…



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