World Class Design to Manufacture: Volume 1 Issue 3


Operations and Logistics Management

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The Twenty‐first Century Enterprise, Agile Manufacturing and Something Called CALS

Eric M. Ross

Success in the twenty‐first century will require many manufacturingenterprises to have the innovative flexibility to respond rapidly tomarket desires, to produce top…

Innovate to Accumulate

Graham West

Read just about any literature, advertisement or media article,written within the last decade, describing a product, service ororganization, and you can be sure of at…

Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing

Deanna J. Richards

National governments, international conferences, some industryassociations, and a number of individual companies are increasinglyemphasizing the need for a company to take…

Enhanced Quality Functional Deployment

Helen Mill

Quality functional deployment (QFD) can be a powerful technique ifappropriately applied. However, it can generate a great deal ofpaperwork and sometimes the benefits are…

Rapid Product Development in the USA, Europe and Japan

Norman A. Waterman, Philip Dickens

Reviews, for the USA, Europe and Japan, the current state ofdevelopment and application of rapid prototyping techniques and theirimpact on time‐to‐market for new products…

Measures of Performance

John A. Bauly

Companies wishing to improve continually in business generally andnew product development in particular need to use performance indicesdevelopment in particular need to…

At the Cutting Edge of Manufacturing Technology – Australian Style

Ian Haynes, Noel Frost

Presents numerous issues faced by Australian manufacturers andexplains the functions of the Queensland Manufacturing Institute,developed by the government to provide…

Concurrent Engineering Battleground

Gregg Tong, Brian Fitzgerald

Presents samples of ideas and examples of concurrent engineeringdiscussed at Management Roundtable′s Seventh International Conference onDesign for Manufacturability, held…



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1994 – 1995

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