World Class Design to Manufacture: Volume 1 Issue 2


Operations and Logistics Management

Table of contents

The Missing Link

Ray Greenall

Many TQM programmes fail because they are not linked to theachievement of business objectives. Argues that the effective use ofpolicy deployment, also known as Hoshin…

Developing with the Best: Survey of Product Development within UK Industry

Keith Nichols

Operational improvement is being overtaken by the ability to bringsuperior, cheaper products on to the market in amazingly short periodsof time. EDS and the Design Council…

Beyond the QFD House of Quality: Using the Downstream Matrices

Diane M. Scheurell

QFD is a product development and implementation tool to translatethe customer′s product requirements into the design of the equipment tomake that product, and then into…

Experiences of Adopting Simultaneous Engineering

Rob Kinna

Examines the success of Four Square, the divison of Mars Groupwhich provides vending and office coffee machines for service in variouslocation, in employing simultaneous…

A Seven Step Procedure for Design for Manufacture

Finn Fabricius

Design for Manufacture (DFM) is design procedure which aims atassisting the developing of a new generation of industrial products, inorder to improve their…

Strategic Design

Andrew Lee‐Mortimer

Highlights product development problems in the UK and suggests theUK has brilliant design skills, but poor processes and is thereforeunable to translate design into goods…

Systematic Redesign of a Fire Hose Reel

Jacques H.W. Stevens, Jeroen M.M. Eijsink

Gives an elaboration of the systematic design approach on apractical level, i.e. the redsign of a fire hose reel. Describes theredsign process from the problem definition…



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1994 – 1995

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