Qualitative Market Research: Volume 8 Issue 4


An International Journal

Table of contents - Special Issue: Ethics in marketing: sea change or Potemkin village?

Guest Editors: Charles Dennis, Lisa Harris

Green marketing: legend, myth, farce or prophesy?

Ken Peattie, Andrew Crane

To review the history of “green marketing” since the early 1990s and to provide a critique of both theory and practice in order to understand how the marketing discipline may yet…


Advertising and children: what do the kids think?

Terry O'Sullivan

To question the models of childhood implied within contemporary UK debate about advertising to children. The paper identifies a role for qualitative market research in…


Jigsaw puzzles: fitting together the moral pieces

Stephen P. Hogan

Fitting ethical responsibilities into day‐to‐day business practice represents a challenge for marketers who have to operate at the customer interface. When young children are the…


Ethical and social responsibility issues in grocery shopping: a preliminary typology

Juliet Memery, Phil Megicks, Jasmine Williams

Despite growing awareness of ethical and social responsibility (E&SR) issues in academia and industry, investigation of their influence on consumers' buying decisions has been…


Defying marketing sovereignty: voluntary simplicity at new consumption communities

Caroline Bekin, Marylyn Carrigan, Isabelle Szmigin

To broaden the scope of our knowledge of collective voluntarily simplified lifestyles in the UK, by exploring whether voluntary simplifiers achieve their goals by adopting a…


Ethical perspectives on the erotic in retailing

Tony Kent

To define erotic retailing in the context of shops selling sexually arousing products to women, and the ethical implications of High Street “porno‐chic”. Its purpose is to assess…


Wine marketing: modelling the ethics of the wine industry using qualitative data

Oliver Richardson

To propose a model for ethical behaviour based on product, production and marketing methods, and to make use of qualitative data relating to a specific product in order to test…


Customer relationships in the e‐economy: mutual friends or just a veneering?

Angela Ayios, Lisa Harris

The aim of this paper is to investigate whether technological developments can be used in call centre environments to build trust and hence lasting customer relationships beyond…

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