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A rose by any other name may smell as sweet but “group discussion” is not another name for a “focus group” nor should it be

Clive Boddy

This paper seeks to highlight the current confusion in the terminology for group research, identify the geographic, historical and scientific sources of this confusion and suggest…


Focus group exploration of firm‐employee relationship strength

Carmel Herington, Don Scott, Lester W. Johnson

The purpose is to present the results of exploratory research which analysed firm‐employee relationship strength from the employee perspective. Three main research questions were…


Exploring the role of employees in the delivery of the brand: a case study approach

Ceridwyn King, Debra Grace

Employees are now viewed as playing a crucial role in brand management as they facilitate the interface between the organization and the market. This study, therefore, seeks to…


Ritzer's McDonaldization and applied qualitative marketing research

Clive Nancarrow, Jason Vir, Andy Barker

The purpose is to examine the insights gained from applying Ritzer's thesis of McDonaldization to international qualitative marketing research, in particular the four pillars of…


Our ads 'R US: an exploratory content analysis of American advertisements

Charles Okigbo, Drew Martin, Osabuohien P. Amienyi

To describe contemporary US society based on the dominant themes featured in magazine advertisements.


Cross‐functional involvement in new product development: A resource dependency and human capital perspective

Elisa Fredericks

The purpose of this paper is to garner multiple perspectives from cross‐functional new product development (NPD) team members and determine point of contact in and…

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