Qualitative Market Research: Volume 7 Issue 4


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Customer and company voices in e‐commerce: a qualitative analysis

Rachel McLean, Nigel M. Blackie

Consumer knowledge is a very important asset for an organisation. Two types of consumer knowledge have been identified, “knowledge about customers” including customer segments…


Qualitative issues in IT and organizational processes in implementing marketing strategies

Ashok Ranchhod, Cãlin Gurãu

Successful marketing strategies depend very much on an organisation's ability to implement them. As the role of technology grows apace in marketing, it is important to understand…


Channel benefits portfolio management in the eBusiness era

Panos Louvieris, Harmen Oppewal

The role of channels and their management in the eBusiness era is becoming increasingly important to customer relationship management. Traditional use of the application portfolio…


V2C activity on a local level: qualitative cases – Tampere and Silicon Valley

Hannu Jungman, Marko Seppä

The increased capital intensity of venture capital supply and the increased knowledge intensity of new venture supply have created a knowledge gap and recreated a capital gap…

A qualitative sense‐making classification of business incubation environments

Paul D. Hannon

Business incubation is a new and fast growing industry in the UK. The environments within which incubation can take place and their descriptors as used across the industry are…


Enhancing customer service and organizational learning through qualitative research

Peter R.J. Trim, Yang‐Im Lee

In order to develop a sustainable competitive advantage in the knowledge based economy, senior managers need to ensure that customer relationship management is placed within a…

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