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Brand expansion through reverse socialization: an example of iPhone in China

Ruoshui Jiao, Jack Wei

One of the greatest challenges that global brands face as they expand into new markets and segments is overcoming social and cultural barriers that prevent them from being…


Exploring emotional traces in families’ recollection of experiences: A study based on luxury hotel reviews

Amélie Clauzel, Nathalie Guichard, Coralie Damay

From experiences recollections, this study aims to explore the place of emotions in the souvenir’s step of the family consumption process of luxury hotels stays.

Projecting university brand image via satisfaction and behavioral response: Perspectives from UK-based Malaysian students

Sharifah Alwi, Norbani Che-Ha, Bang Nguyen, Ezlika M. Ghazali, Dilip M. Mutum, Philip J. Kitchen

This study attempts to ascertain the essential dimensions and components of university brand image, including the cognitive attributes (service/educational quality) and affective…


The green identity formation process in organic consumer communities: Environmental activism and consumer resistance

Artur Saraiva, Emília Fernandes, Moritz von Schwedler

The market system and a materialistic lifestyle have contributed to some of the environmental and social problems that currently affect the world. However, only a few consumers…

Questionnaire design: a weak link in corporate identity?

Jane Brown, Anders Wäppling, Helen Woodruffe-Burton

The purpose of this paper is to draw attention to questionnaires as a corporate touch point, and their relationship with corporate identity (CI).

Hello Brand, let’s take a selfie

Naziyet Uzunboylu, Yioula Melanthiou, Ioanna Papasolomou

It has been suggested that brands and products often assume a role in selfies (Ham, 2014) where the expression of brands and products provokes consumer emotions that bring about…

Customer-to-customer value co-creation in different service settings

Sneha Pandey, Divesh Kumar

This study aims to identify and classify the types of value stemming from cooperative creation of experience among customers present in various social and interaction-rich service…


Vegan stories: revealing archetypes and their moral foundations

Julie Napoli, Robyn Ouschan

This study aims to identify the archetypes, moral foundations and plots associated with veganism through the stories told by vegan bloggers and the effect on mainstreaming of this…


Why do millennials use Facebook? Enduring insights

Grace J. Ambrose, Juan (Gloria) Meng, Paul J. Ambrose

This study aims to address the following questions: What is enduring about consumer behavior on social media given that digital and social media (DSM) technologies change rapidly…


Combining participatory action research with sociological intervention to investigate participatory place branding

Laura Ripoll Gonzalez, Fred Gale

Place branding research has recently focused on developing more inclusive models to better capture the co-creation of place identities. This paper aims to investigate stakeholder…

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