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Marketing management capability: the construct and its dimensions: An examination of managers’ and entrepreneurs’ perceptions in a retail setting

Dalila Brown, Pantea Foroudi, Khalid Hafeez

This paper aims to explore the relationship between corporate cultural/intangible assets and marketing capabilities by examining managers’ and entrepreneurs’ perceptions in a…


Relationship between corporate identity, place architecture and identification: An exploratory case study

Mohammad M. Foroudi, John M.T. Balmer, Weifeng Chen, Pantea Foroudi

How organizations view, value and manage their place architecture in relation to identification and corporate identity has received little research attention. The main goal of…


Are religious customers skeptical toward sexually appealing advertising?

Catur Sugiarto, Virginie de Barnier

This paper aims to shed new light on the consumer response toward sex appeal in advertising and investigates ad skepticism in a culturally diverse context.

Evaluating the factors of corporate website favorability: a case of UK and Russia

Elena Ageeva, T.C. Melewar, Pantea Foroudi, Charles Dennis

This study aims to evaluate the significance of the corporate website favorability notion and examines its factors in developing competitive advantage in the context of retail and…

Exploring the creation and development of political co-brand identity: A multi-case study approach

Guja Armannsdottir, Christopher Pich, Louise Spry

The creation and development of candidate-politician brands, otherwise known as political co-brands, remains an under-researched area of study. This is supported by calls for more…

Beyond the dolls house?: Barbie entrepreneur dolls and the commodification, fetishisation and consumption of idealised, gendered entrepreneurial identity

Robert Smith, Sara Nadin, Sally Jones

This paper aims to examine the concepts of gendered, entrepreneurial identity and fetishism through an analysis of images of Barbie entrepreneur. It draws on the literature of…


Fetishism and the problem of disavowal

Tereza Kuldova

Fetishism has been often linked to misrecognition and false belief, to one being “ideologically duped” so to speak. But could we think that fetishism may be precisely the very…


“I got the power!”: An exploration of contemporary fetishism

Ziyed Guelmami

This paper aims to discuss the concept of fetishism as an important but understudied kind of magical relationship to objects. Fetishism in the context of contemporary consumption…

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