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Table Of Contents: Volume 13 Issue 4 - Special Issue: Projective Terchniques

Projective techniques in US marketing and management research

Lawrence Soley

This paper aims to examine the use of projective techniques for published marketing and management research in the USA. The paper emphasizes the influence that McClelland…

Narratives and metaphors in service development

Anu Helkkula, Minna Pihlström

The aim of this is to present a new combined, projective technique, the event‐based narrative inquiry technique (EBNIT), and analyze how it adds to traditional…

Mining deeper meaning in consumer decision maps

Michael S. Mulvey, Beena E. Kavalam

The purpose of this paper is to gain deeper insight into the meanings that structure and impel consumer choice by overlaying findings from a metaphor elicitation study…

Examining the use of nutrition labelling with photoelicitation

Joerg Koenigstorfer, Andrea Groeppel‐Klein

The purpose of this paper is to report the results of a study using photoelicitation interviews to investigate the relationship between the habitualised and unconscious…

Exploring consumers' reactions towards innovative mobile services

Philipp Broeckelmann

The purpose of this paper is to show how projective techniques – in particular cartoon tests – give useful insights when used as a tool for conducting marketing research…

The role of information and communication technologies in using projective techniques as survey tools to meet the challenges of bounded rationality

Derek Bond, Elaine Ramsey

Normal “mixed method” approaches to research – using standard quantitative surveys supported by qualitative methods such as semi‐structured interviews, often fail to…

I spy with my little eye

Lorraine Davidson, Heather Skinner

The paper arose from an experienced qualitative market researcher's desire to challenge her working methodologies in analysing and interpreting data for commercial…



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