Qualitative Market Research: Volume 11 Issue 2


An International Journal

Table of contents - Special Issue: Interpretive Consumer Research

Guest Editors: Cova, B. and Elliott, R.

Everything you always wanted to know about interpretive consumer research but were afraid to ask

Bernard Cova, Richard Elliott

The purpose of this paper is to introduce the contents of the special issue and to clarify and extend conceptual and managerial debates concerning interpretive consumer research…


Rhetorical issues in writing interpretivist consumer research

Margaret K. Hogg, Pauline Maclaran

The purpose of this paper is to examine how consumer researchers working in the interpretivist tradition go about composing well founded theorized storylines, in order to convince…


Reflections on collaboration in interpretive consumer research

The purpose of this paper is to explore the challenges and opportunities of collaboration in interpretive consumer research.


Small versus big stories in framing consumption experiences

Antonella Carù, Bernard Cova

The purpose of this paper is to highlight the importance and utility of introspective accounts to ethnography when it deals with consumption experiences.


Beyond semiotics and hermeneutics: Discourse analysis as a way to interpret consumers' discourses and experiences

Lionel Sitz

This paper contends that the central question in understanding consumers' experiences is not what is said (lexical analysis) or why (ideological analysis), but how consumers…


A semiotic analysis of nostalgia as a connection to the past

Aurélie Kessous, Elyette Roux

Based on Greimas' contributions in 2002 and on qualitative research, this paper aims to focus on a semiotic analysis of the meaning of nostalgia related to products and brands.


YouTube: an opportunity for consumer narrative analysis?

Stefano Pace

The aim of the paper is to discuss a possible extension of narrative analysis to a new medium of expression of consumer behaviour, specifically YouTube.


Introducing structuration theory in communal consumption behavior research

René Algesheimer, Călin Gurău

In community research, there is a large gap between theoretical developments and empirical proves. Especially, in micro‐macro contexts, where the interaction between micro‐ (the…

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