Journal of Systems and Information Technology: Volume 11 Issue 3


Table of contents - Special Issue: Innovation in health information systems

Guest Editors: Rosemary Stockdale, Karen Day

A media analysis approach to evaluating national health information infrastructure development

Sophie Cockcroft

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate electronic health record (EHR) initiatives at the national/external level. Governments are investing large amounts of money in national…

Current challenges of personal health information management

Janne Lahtiranta

Health care has come to a turning point. Particularly due to aging societies and economic pressure placed on health care system, health is rapidly becoming one's own…


Bottom‐up or top‐down?: A comparative analysis of electronic health record diffusion in Ireland and Israel

Tsipi Heart, Philip O'Reilly, David Sammon, John O'Donoghue

The limited success of electronic health records (EHRs) implementation in the healthcare services in general, and a national EHR in particular, requires better understand and…

Managing the implementation of an innovative technology in a hospital: a case study

Shamshul Bahri

The purpose of this paper is to present a model of radio frequency identification (RFID) implementation process in a hospital. The model is developed to fill the lack of models on…

A comparison study of using a mobile medical information system

Jorma Jokela, Shengnan Han, Ville Harkke, Markku Kallio, Leena Lindgren, Maaret Castrèn

The purpose of this paper is to present the results of a comparison study of using a mobile medical information system between civilian medical students and physicians undergoing…

Standards for information security and processes in healthcare

Eva Söderström, Rose‐Mharie Åhlfeldt, Nomie Eriksson

Regardless of who or where we are and when we get sick, we expect healthcare to make us well and to handle us and our information with care and respect. Today, most healthcare…

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