English Teaching: Practice & Critique: Volume 19 Issue 4


Table of contents - Special Issue: Embodiment and literacies: Teaching, learning, and becoming in a post- world

Guest Editors: Stavroula Kontovourki, Elisabeth Johnson, Grace Enriquez

Moving hands in classroom assemblages: puppet play in a post-world

Karen Dianne Daniels

This paper aims to propose a reading of children’s small toy/puppet play that takes account of bodily movements within classroom assemblages. The researcher/author created…

Affective intensities: Emotion, race, gender and the push and pull of bodies

Kimberly McDavid Schmidt, Rebecca Beucher

This study aims to investigate the ways affective intensities arise in the intra-actions within an assemblage (three Black girls, objects such as computers and hoodies…

Tuning into rebellious matter: affective literacies as more-than-human sonic bodies

Bessie Patricia Dernikos

The purpose of this paper is to explore the sonic vibrations, infectious rhythms and alternative frequencies that are often unheard and overlooked within mainstream educational…

Performance, pottery and pliers: rupturing play with bodies and things

Casey Pennington, Karen Wohlwend, Summer J. Davis, Jill Allison Scott

This paper aims to examine tensions around play, performance and artmaking as becoming in the mix of expected and taken-for-granted discourses implicit in an after-school ceramics…

Artists as catalysts: the ethical and political possibilities of teaching artists in literacy classrooms

Anne Crampton, Cynthia Lewis

This study aims to discuss the ethical and political possibilities offered by the presence of teaching artists (TAs) and visual artwork in racially and culturally diverse high…

Making macaroni: classroom improv for transformative embodied critical literacy

Kimberly Lenters, Alec Whitford

In this paper, the authors engage with embodied critical literacies through an exploration of the possibilities provided by the use of improvisational comedy (improv) in the…

Teaching as invasion: emotions, boundaries and entanglements

Erin B. Stutelberg

This paper aims to engage nine women English teachers in exploring their personal memories centered around the perception of their raced, classed and gendered teacher bodies, and…

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