English Teaching: Practice & Critique: Volume 19 Issue 1


Table of contents - Special Issue: Critical Literacies in Community Contexts

Guest Editors: Meghan E. Barnes, Julianna Avila

Community cultural wealth and literacy capital in Latin American communities

Lina Trigos-Carrillo

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the literacy practices of the families and communities of first-generation college students in Latin America, and how community and…

Centering Black mothers’ stories for critical literacies

Elaine Richardson

The purpose of this paper is to mine Black mothers’ stories to highlight the critical literacy work they do for themselves and their daughters, to change stereotypic views of…

Prescriptivism, linguicism and pedagogical coercion in primary school UK curriculum policy

Ian Cushing

This paper is a critical reflection on the linguistic conservatism as found within current curriculum policies and assessment regimes in the UK, arguing that they represents a…

Critical literacies on the university campus: Engaging pre-service teachers with social action projects

Ashley S. Boyd, Janine J. Darragh

The purpose of this paper is to explore how preservice teachers conceive of and implement social actions on their college campuses related to a chosen social problem developed in…

“These kids are rebelling”: a student-led transformation of community and critical literacy

Stephanie Anne Shelton, Kelsey H. Guy, April M. Jones

This paper aims to consider the ways that students are shaped by and shape community and critical literacy, along with the ways that community affords student empowerment in an…

Monological practices, authoritative discourses and the missing “C” in digital classroom communities

Vicki A. Hosek, Lara J. Handsfield

The purpose of this study was to examine teacher decisions surrounding opportunities for student voice, experiences and beliefs in digital classroom communities. The teachers’…

Opening spaces of restoration for youth through community-engaged critical literacy practices

Heidi Lyn Hadley, Kevin J. Burke, William Terrell Wright

The purpose of this paper is to explore how critical literacy practices within a community youth program opened spaces for restoration for youth. In turn, youth created civic…

“My life’s blueprint”: publishing critical youth narratives in community-based organizations

Crystal Chen Lee, Nina R. Schoonover

This paper aims to explore how currently underserved young adults engaged in a community-based organization (CBO), Bull City YouthBuild, wrote and published a book together, and…

Assemblaging communities: Looking at how communities work for enacting critical literacies pedagogy in the classroom

Kelly C. Johnston

The purpose of this paper is to examine the ways assemblaging communities work to support, hinder or disrupt literacy pedagogy in one English Language Arts (ELA) classroom…

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