English Teaching: Practice & Critique: Volume 16 Issue 3


Table of contents - Special Issue: Teaching politics

Making room for discomfort: Exploring critical literacy and practice in a teacher education classroom

Betina Hsieh

The purpose of this paper is to relay and discuss the experiences of a teacher educator teaching critical literacy to preservice teacher candidates immediately following the US…

Beyond censorship: politics, teens, and ELA teacher candidates

Denise Dávila, Meghan E. Barnes

Grounded in the scholarship addressing teacher self-censorship around controversial topics, this paper aims to investigate a three-part research question: How do secondary English…

A letter to teacher candidates at the dawn of the Trump Presidency

Peter Smagorinsky, Andie Brasley, Rebekah Johnson, Lisa Shurtz

This paper aims to describe a letter written to undergraduate students before their enrollment in a required foundations course, Service-Learning in English Education, taken…

Equity and justice for all: The politics of cultivating anti-racist practices in urban teacher education

Valerie Kinloch, Kerry Dixon

This paper aims to examine the cultivation of anti-racist practices with pre- and in-service teachers in post-secondary contexts, and the tensions of engaging in this work for…

Exploring #BlackLivesMatter and sociopolitical relationships through kinship writing

Gholnecsar E. Muhammad, Glenda Mason Chisholm, Francheska D. Starks

This study aims to explore the textual and sociopolitical relationships of kinship writing as 15 youth wrote politically charged poetry while participating in a four-week summer…

Addressing English teachers’ concerns about decentering Standard English

Mike Metz

This paper aims to address concerns of English teachers considering opening up their classrooms to multiple varieties of English.


Super heroes, villains, and politics: Elementary youth superhero narratives in an afterschool program

Francisco Luis Torres, Kelsey Tayne

The purpose of this paper is to discuss how the superhero genre, when couched in a space and project that seek to act as a counter-world and is rooted in the life experiences of…

Sociopolitical testing discourses in elementary teachers’ talk about reading assessment

Renita Schmidt, Mary M. Jacobs, Heidi Meyer

The purpose of this work is to describe the current sociopolitical context and complex consequences surrounding elementary literacy education in one Midwestern US state and…

Political tensions: English teaching, standards, and postsecondary readiness

Holly Hungerford-Kresser, Amy Vetter

The purpose of this paper was to highlight ways two novice secondary English teachers negotiated the politics of college and career readiness along with the literacy needs of…

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