English Teaching: Practice & Critique: Volume 15 Issue 3


Table of contents - Special Issue: Youth literacies and social justice

Guest Editors: Korina M. Jocson, Keisha L. Green, Rob Simon

“Stories behind their hands”: the creative and collective “actionist” work of girls of color

Tamara T. Butler

The purpose of this paper is to highlight how young people engage in social justice work. This study is guided by the following question: how do students engage in the social…


“I’m trying to save some lives here!”: Critical dramatic inquiry in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

Patricia Enciso, Brian Edmiston, Allison Volz, Bridget Lee, Nithya Sivashankar

The purpose of this paper is to illustrate the plans for and implementation of critical dramatic inquiry with middle school youth. The authors also provide a theoretical frame for…

Participatory culture meets critical practice: Documentary film production in a youth internship program

Cassandra Scharber, Kris Isaacson, Tracey Pyscher, Cynthia Lewis

This paper aims to closely examine the features of an urban community-based learning program to highlight the synergy between its educational technology, literate practices and…

Touchstone poetry: writing as a catalyst for moments of development

Logan Manning

Extant research has painted a clear picture of the myriad ways that schools are failing to provide a meaningful education, and meaningful literacy pedagogies, to all youth. Given…

“Welcome to The Shop”: Insights and reflections from teaching hip-hop-based spoken word poetry for social justice

H. Bernard Hall

The purpose of this paper is to describe the ways in which hip-hop pedagogies and literacies encouraged middle school students to explore performance poetry as a tool to…

Community responsive literacies: the development of the Ethnic Studies Praxis Story Plot

Edward R. Curammeng, Daisy D. Lopez, Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales

Momentum around the institutionalization of Ethnic Studies in US K-12 classrooms is increasing. Opponents have argued that Ethnic Studies does not challenge students academically…

Navigating the “delicate relationship between empathy and critical distance”: Youth literacies, social justice and arts-based inquiry

Rob Simon, Sarah Evis, Ty Walkland, Amir Kalan, Pamela Baer

This paper features artwork and artists’ statements by middle school students who participated in a research collaboration that involved co-authoring critical literacy curriculum…

Through children’s eyes: Elementary students respond to the impacts of Indian residential schools

Daniela Bascuñán

The purpose of this study is to explore young students' perceptions about the impacts of Indian residential schools. A hopeful era of reconciliation has been ushered in to…

I am from a fantasy, where Freire quotes become reality

Erika Castro, Gabrielle Jackson, Jenna Cushing-Leubner, Brian Lozenski

The purpose of this paper is to show the viewpoint of two youth artists, researchers and activists who use spoken word and graphic arts to represent their research.

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