Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting & Financial Management: Volume 10 Issue 4


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Funding local government in australia: the evolution of untied commonwealth financial assistance

Brian Dollery, Michael Fletcher, D.S. Prasada Rao

Australian fiscal federalism possesses a greater degree of vertical imbalance than comparable federations elsewhere due to a concentration of revenue-raising powers at the…

The determinants of monitoring costs in not-for-profit organizations

Timothy A. Pearson, Richard C. Brooks, Adolph A. Neidermeyer

This research uses data from 2,470 not-for-profit-organizations (NFPOs) to examine the impact of organization size, risk, and complexity on monitoring costs in the NFP…

A cost efficiency analysis of school districts: is larger more efficient?

C. William Garner

Can school districts become too large whereby their size exceeds their point of efficiency? To investigate this question, all K-12 school districts in New Jersey were…

Community and migrant health centers: the need for a coordinated national financing policy

Michael E. Samuels, Leiyu Shi, Norma J. Campbell

This article is a descriptive revenue profile of Community and Migrant Health Centers providing preventive and primary health care services to underserved rural and urban…

Resource allocation in new york state longterm care facilities: changes over time and ownership differences

David M. Ward

This paper looks at resource allocation in New York state long-term care facilities. Data from 399 nursing facilities are used to compare resource allocation in 1983 and…

Financing mental health reform in kansas

Robert H. Lee, Ronna Chamberlain

This paper examines the impact of the Kansas Mental Health Reform Act of 1990 on the mental health care system, on the budget of the state, and on the budgets of the…

The financial incentives in a shift to capitation for state mental health services

Jenifer Ehreth

The State of Washington’s Mental Health Division (MHD) is the State agency responsible for providing state sponsored mental health services. In 1993, the MHD received a…

A general guide to the financial integration of healthcare organizations

James V. Salvo, Michael Lutes, Walter J. Jones

Hospitals, physician groups, and other healthcare organizations (HCOs) are joining together in a multitude of new ways in ever increasing numbers. This process or strategy…

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