Strategy & Leadership: Volume 52 Issue 1


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Revisiting “What is Strategy?” and Why it Matters

Kenneth Cory

There are few concepts in the modern business lexicon where people feel as strongly confident in their understanding of its meaning – while there is simultaneously such profound…

For sustained digital advantage, find a huge customer problem and create the processes that will solve it

Robert Chapman Wood

New technologies may offer special opportunities for others to achieve very large returns with approaches to technology development like those of Amazon, Tesla, and Walmart. This…

Leveraging inter-organizational agility for innovation

Daniel Fasnacht, Daniel Proba

Dissolving industry boundaries, coupled with an increasing need for collaboration and mutual adaptation, necessitates the adoption of diverse innovation concepts and flexible…

How generative AI will drive enterprise innovation

Anthony Marshall, Christian Bieck, Jacob Dencik, Brian C. Goehring, Richard Warrick

Most recent C-suite surveying suggests current applications of generative AI, although hyped, are fragmented and unlikely to yield major financial returns anticipated. Instead…

Incorporating ESG across the M&A process

Timothy Galpin, Maja de Vibe

Aspects of ESG have become key considerations during many M&A transactions. This ranges from the type of assets a firm purchases, to evaluating the management practices of target…

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