Strategy & Leadership: Volume 48 Issue 1


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Decoupling: customer-centric perspectives on disruption and competitive advantage

Brian Leavy

The masterclass describes how companies are rapidly moving away from firm-centric views of value to a more customer-centric perspective of how value is created and…

How leadership teams can face and fix their “undiscussable” dysfunctions

John Sterling

This interview of two IMD professors examines how leadership teams that are struggling to make decisions or experiencing tensions, can address the root causes of…

The quest for genuine business agility

Stephen Denning

The article warns that genuine business agility is not easily achieved despite the many consultants offering their services as specialists. It lays out the elements of the…

Disruptive technologies, “Black Swans” and corporate innovation strategy

Joseph Calandro, Vivek Paharia

The books, The Innovator’s Dilemma and Fooled by Randomness were best-sellers, and both books’ authors rightly have legions of followers. Nevertheless, the dynamics each…

Should leading emerging market companies chase globalization?

Bala Chakravarthy, P.C. Abraham, Michael Sorell

This research study compares the financial success of emerging market companies that have globalized with similar sized EMNC companies that have stayed home.

Benefits and pitfalls of a CEO’s personal Twitter messaging

Russell Craig, Joel Amernic

This paper explores the benefits and pitfalls of a CEO’s personal messaging on Twitter.

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