Strategy & Leadership: Volume 46 Issue 6


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Cost innovation – a value-creation strategy to transform over-priced industries

Brian Leavy

This masterclass examines how two important new books propose to achieve cost innovation, a value creation strategy that can transform an over-priced industry.


The role of the C-suite in Agile transformation: the case of Amazon

Stephen Denning

Practitioners can learn much about how a CEO can generate and sustain business agility from examining the role of Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon—arguably the world’s…


Barbara Kellerman: There’s a better way to train leaders

Robert J. Allio

Harvard authority on leadership, Barbara Kellerman, indicts the deficiencies of the leadership industry and she argues that we can do better.


Evaluating potential transformational leaders: weighing charisma vs. credibility

Deana Raffo, Ralph Williams

The purpose of this paper is to explore credibility, as an alternative to charisma, as an important attribute of transformational and authentic leadership. 10;


Realizing your strategy’s potential: a seven-step model for its effective execution

Timothy J. Galpin

A seven-step Strategy Execution Model provides a tested guide to agile implementation.


The four executive challenges of project-based strategy

Carsten Lund Pedersen, Thomas Ritter

As a great deal of strategy execution takes the form of strategic projects, how you align these projects ultimately determines the success or failure of your strategy…

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