Strategy & Leadership: Volume 46 Issue 5


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Whitney Johnson: applying the principles of disruptive entrepreneurship to talent management

Brian Leavy

Whitney Johnson is interviewed about her latest book, Build an A Team: Play to Their Strengths and Lead Them Up the Learning Curve (Harvard Business Review Press, 2018)…

Ten Agile axioms that make conventional managers anxious

Stephen Denning

While the principles of Agile management are simple, the implementation of the actual “Laws of Agile” is daunting to managers trained in the traditions and culture of…

Reap exceptional value from M&A: manage it as a core competence

Timothy Galpin

Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) have become the preferred growth strategy for many executives. However, simply “doing deals” is not enough to create a competitive…

Navigating disruption with ecosystems, partners and platforms

Saul Berman, Steven Davidson, Kazuaki Ikeda, Anthony Marshall

The IBM Institute for Business Value, which has been conducting Global Chief Executive Officers studies for 15 years, has been reporting on CEO concerns about business and…

A smarter process for managing and explaining organization design change

Herman Vantrappen, Frederic Wirtz

Companies change their organizations continually. When such a change follows a change in company strategy, employees understand why it happens. However, organization…

Case study: from an “underperforming 80’s bank” to one of Oman’s best – the transformation of BankDhofar

Kris Babicci, Winai Wongsurawat

The purpose of this case study is to chronicle a remarkable business turnaround in the banking sector of Oman.

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