Strategy & Leadership: Volume 46 Issue 3


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Succeeding in an increasingly Agile world

Steve Denning

As Agile management thinking spreads to every part and every kind of organization, including their competitors, corporate leaders need to take steps to ensure they get and…

Value innovation and how to successfully incubate “blue ocean” initiatives

Brian Leavy

This masterclass examines the blue ocean value innovation process, how it works in practice and how it has evolved since the publication of Blue Ocean Strategy (2005) by…

Becoming a leader – first, take charge of your own learning process

Robert J. Allio

The article guides the process for each aspiring leader to develop his or her own unique approach to leading.

Visionary customers: source of long-term competitive advantage

Robert Chapman Wood

This case describes how Varian Medical Systems, the successor to one of the pioneers of Silicon Valley, created a business with $11.6 billion in market cap by listening to…

Learning by revisiting assumptions: an adaptive decision process

Vincent Barabba

This article demonstrates the value of adding a learning and adaptation component into the decision-making process.

Three value-focused strategic questions for continuously updating your business model

Vladyslav Biloshapka, Oleksiy Osiyevskyy

The article describes how a well-functioning, competent system of self-evaluation of customer value creation and delivery can be an essential part of a corporate…

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