Strategy & Leadership: Volume 45 Issue 6


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Why maximizing shareholder value is a threat to U.S. business

Stephen Denning

The article outlines the arguments by the proponents and opponents of maximizing shareholder value and identifies the true threat the concept poses to U.S. businesses.


A tool for creating breakthrough choices: integrative thinking methodology

Brian Leavy

Roger L. Martin, one of the most respected strategists, is questioned by veteran S&L interviewer Brian Leavy. The questions range from the how and why of integrative…

Using Agile approaches for breakthrough product innovation

Mitch Beaumont, Ben Thuriaux-Alemán, Prashanth Prasad, Chandler Hatton

According to the authors research, Agile approaches are increasingly being deployed successfully alongside phase-gate processes in engineering and R&D functions outside…


The enticing promise of cognitive computing: high-value functional efficiencies and innovative enterprise capabilities

Glenn Finch, Brian Goehring, Anthony Marshall

The authors show how cognitive computing offers companies an opportunity to dramatically improve the efficiency of business functions throughout the enterprise – from core…

Strategic choices for managing potential crises

Helio Fred Garcia

The article guides executives and their staff on how to respond to and manage a potential crisis as it is evolving.


Four political perspectives on China’s economic future

Jonathan Brookfield

To chart the influence of politics on the future of China’s economy this article draws on the insights of four experts to delineate a range of possibilities.


Machine reengineering: robots and people working smarter together

Prashant Shukla, H. James Wilson, Allan Alter, David Lavieri

The authors explore the potential of machine learning, computers employ that an algorithm to sort data, make decisions and then continuously assess and improve their…

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