Strategy & Leadership: Volume 45 Issue 5


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An integrative methodology for creatively exploring decision choices

Jennifer Riel, Roger Martin

The authors translate their the concept of integrative thinking into a repeatable methodology, supported by a set of tools for thinking through difficult or “wicked…

Drivers, explorers, crusaders and captains: identifying and nurturing four types of entrepreneurial business builders

Brian Leavy

Brian Leavy interviews Chris Kuenne and John Danner about research into entrepreneurial personality published in their new book Built for Growth: How Builder Personality…

Two efficiency-driven networks on a collision course: ALDI’s innovative grocery business model vs Walmart

Sayan Chatterjee

This case study of the strategy of the U.S. grocery chain, ALDI, shows how businesses can use a systematic process to develop and iteratively refine the core strategy…

Lessons from the steel industry: if you can’t compete on price, innovate your way to value-added differentiation

Amy Blitz

Threats from low cost competitors are a fact of markets, a trend likely not just to continue in coming years but to accelerate. The fundamental strategic question the…

Three views of China’s economic future

Jonathan Brookfield

The author presents practitioners with an overview of experts’ outlook for China econmic future. While some observers see the likelihood of a decade of continued rapid…

Shapeholders: managing them as allies, partners and significant constituents

Oleksiy Osiyevskyy, Vladyslav Biloshapka

The authors review the concept of building relationships with Shapeholders,: a broad group of players that have no financial stake in the company yet can substantively…

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