Strategy & Leadership: Volume 45 Issue 1


Table of contents - Special Issue: Seeking sustaining innovation

Guest Editors: Robert M. Randall

The age of Agile

Stephen Denning

Because too many firms are stuck on the treadmill of producing quarterly returns, often to be achieved through financial engineering, a new management mindset is needed…

If your market is a competitive dogfight, think like a cat

Leonard Sherman

The article helps answer one of the most urgent questions facing corporate leaders: how can a company trapped in a competitive market innovate successful new products that…

Observational skills: eye-openers for innovation

James Gilmore

Observational tools offer the means to introduce new techniques into an organization, to skill individuals in new and different ways of seeing innovation possibilities.

Idea labs: instituting an innovation discovery process capable of sustaining the business

V.K. Narayanan

Sustaining product innovation in an established company – increasingly the key to a company’s economic success, and perhaps its survival – is a challenging task The author…

Partnering with AI: how organizations can win over skeptical managers

Vegard Kolbjørnsrud, Richard Amico, Robert J. Thomas

According to the authors’ research, while top-level executives look forward to the potential of artificial intelligent systems in their firms, line managers are much more…

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