Strategy & Leadership: Volume 44 Issue 1


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Integrating experiences into your business model: five approaches

B. Joseph Pine II, James Gilmore

– In little more than a decade, experience thinking has influenced the development of new business models in a wide variety of enterprises.


Designing innovative business models with a framework that promotes experimentation

Cara Wrigley, Karla Straker

Business models to date have remained the creation of management, however, it is the belief of the authors that designers should be critically approaching, challenging and…


Effective leadership today – character not just competence

Brian Leavy

Three recent publications by noted authors offer valuable insights into the new directions that leadership development thinking and practice now need to take, with all of…


Leadership and the wisdom of crowds: how to tap into the collective intelligence of an organization

Kurt Matzler, Andreas Strobl, Franz Bailom

Under certain conditions, a mass of people can be smarter than the best expert – even if the expert is part of the group. In this paper we show how leaders can improve…


Why a CEO should think like a Scrum Master

Alistair Davidson, Laura Klemme

One approach for CEOs seeking to improve the effectiveness of their company’s innovation initiatives is to imitate the role that a “Scrum Master” has in high speed…


How leading companies practice software development and delivery to achieve a competitive edge

Eric Lesser, Linda Ban

Increasingly companies recognize that effective and rapid software development – from ideation to delivery – is crucial to achieving competitiveness. This article looks at…

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