Strategy & Leadership: Volume 43 Issue 6


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Innovation advantage: insourcing engineering

Reuben Chaudhury, Dieter Gerdemann, Bharat Kapoor

The authors make the case that insourcing engineering is a strategic investment in developing a company’s core competence and innovative capacity needed to continually…

How to make the whole organization Agile

Stephen Denning

The author has traveled to leading organizations that have developed and implemented a set of goals, practices and values that were better suited to the emerging…

The six dilemmas of strategy execution

Alex Lowy

There is a recurring and universal set of competing forces that strategy implementers must manage, and their ability to marshal resources and hearts while maintaining the…

Bill George: the era of self-serving leadership is over but global markets pose the next authenticity challenge for leaders

Brian Leavy

This interview covers research published in three major books by Bill George. The first was in response to a massive governance crisis as high-flyers like Enron, WorldCom…

How to discover and assess opportunities for business model innovation

Andrew Hargadon

The author explains that changing both the company’s offerings and its organization exponentially increases the complexity and uncertainty of any new undertaking, which is…

The myth of customer loyalty: why information and scale are more important during downturns

Murali Kailasam, Winai Wongsurawat

The purpose of this article is to find out if a focus on promoting customer loyalty is a supplier’s best strategy for gaining significant immunity against customer…

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