Strategy & Leadership: Volume 42 Issue 5


Table of contents - Special Issue: Best practices for scaling up excellence, leading digital transformation, using metrics in the Creative Economy, planning with narrative-based scenarios and designing co-creation business models

The new excellence: spreading constructive beliefs and practices from the few to the many

Brian Leavy

This paper aims to present an interview asking Robert I. Sutton how leaders can create or discover wellsprings of excellence and engagement within their organizations and…

The next digital transformation: from an individual-centered to an everyone-to-everyone economy

Saul Berman, Anthony Marshall

Based on extensive interviews and analysis, the article aims to explain how the next digital transformation, which is already underway, will result in a paradigm shift…

Metrics for the emerging Creative Economy

Stephen Denning

Among the most important challenges for leaders is how metrics and analytic tools will help or hinder the transition to the Creative Economy. This paper aims to address…

Stories that drive the future: how narratives can improve scenario planning

Steven H. Kenney, Bryan A. Pelley

Much of the scenario-based planning work that is observed fails to account for the web of belief systems that powerfully shape the ways that future conditions and trends…

Co-creation in design: how the UK company Own Label combines openness and ownership to manage talent

Thorsten Roser, Robert DeFillippi, Julia Goga Cooke

This case study of a fashion-design company aims to show how a co-creation initiative produces competitive advantage by nurturing creativity, expanding the company’s…

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