Strategy & Leadership: Volume 42 Issue 3


Table of contents - Special Issue: Making better decisions in manageable and unmanageable situations

Crowdsourcing the ecosystem’s expectations: a decision-making process to manage the unmanageable

Haydn Shaughnessy

The author warns that nowadays a company must learn to be “co-productive” with an app developer community, a supplier community, a content community, an advocacy community…

Riding the wave of “Big Bang Disruption”

Stephen Denning

This interview with author Paul Nunes discusses his theory that “Big Bang Disruption” is a new and critical threat to established businesses driven by large-scale…


A step-by-step process for transforming contentious disagreements into creative collaboration

R. Edward Freeman, Mark E. Haskins

The authors propose that “root cause analysis,” coupled with critical thinking, is applicable to understanding and resolving contentious disagreements that arise from time…


Principles operationalize corporate values so they matter

Norman T. Sheehan, Grant E. Isaac

The authors show how organizations can best ensure that employees act in accordance with the corporation’s values. The key action is to develop a set of principles that…


Time to raise the bar on nonprofit strategic planning and implementation

Margaret F. Reid, Lynne Brown, Denise McNerney, Dominic J. Perri

This large-scale survey, initiated in 2012 and concluded in 2013, marked the first time a broad cross-section of the nonprofit community was asked to describe the…


“Performance Accelerators” push the frontiers of CFO leadership

Bill Fuessler

Through interviews last year with 576 CFOs to find out how they’re contributing to the revenue, growth and foresight of the enterprises they represent, IBM researchers…

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