Strategy & Leadership: Volume 41 Issue 1


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Leaders and leadership – many theories, but what advice is reliable?

Robert J. Allio

The paper seeks to use the experience of the author, a veteran consultant and author of many articles on leadership, who aims to summarize several fundamental concepts

Why stock‐based compensation poisons leadership

Stephen Denning

This paper aims to present an interview carried out by Stephen Denning, who asks Roger L. Martin, the author of the recent explosive book Fixing the Game and Dean of

Four decades of business scenarios: what can experience teach?

Stephen M. Millett

The author, a veteran futurist, aims to trace the history of the scenario process, starting with those developed by the Shell team that anticipated an OPEC manipulation of

Crisis management: Western Digital's 46‐day recovery from the 2011 flood disaster in Thailand

Lau Chee Wai, Winai Wongsurawat

This crisis management case aims to detail how Western Digital lost and regained its position as the world's number one hard disk drive fabricator after disastrous

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