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Reinventing management purpose: the radical and virtuous alternatives

Robert J. Allio

One of the lessons of the Great Recession is that managing for shareholder value can result in damage to other stakeholders. This paper seeks to articulate a new purpose

The essential metric of customer capitalism is customer outcomes

Stephen Denning

Too often top management focuses primarily on inputs and outputs of the firm, but has little daily information about whether customers are being frustrated, satisfied or

Roger Martin explores three big ideas: customer capitalism, integrative thinking and design thinking

Brian Leavy

The purpose of this paper is to present an interview with professor and noted author Roger Martin discussing three major topics— the future of capitalism, better executive

Disruption theory as a predictor of innovation success/failure

Michael E. Raynor

Executives and managers are in need of research that will elevate the pursuit of successful innovations from a gut‐level, intuition‐driven art to something more closely

Disruptive innovation: the Southwest Airlines case revisited

Michael E. Raynor

The standard explanation of Southwest's success is that it applied a low‐cost competitive strategy. This paper aims to address this issue.

The Typology of Human Capability: a new guide to rethinking the potential for digital experience offerings

Kim C. Korn, B. Joseph Pine

This paper aims to offer a new experience innovation framework to identify new customer value and develop potential new business models.

Strategic M&A: insights from Buffett's MidAmerican acquisition

Joseph Calandro

This paper seeks to propose a definition of strategic mergers and acquisitions (M&A) that is illustrated by way of case study. It also aims to introduce the strategic

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