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John Hagel explains the concept and potential of the “pull” management model

Brian Leavy

This paper aims to present an interview with Deloitte researcher John Hagel III, the co‐author of The Power of Pull and co‐chairman of the Deloitte Center for the Edge

Rethinking the organization: leadership for game‐changing innovation

Stephen Denning

The paper aims to identify the lessons CEOs of large established organizations need to learn to make continuous innovation a part of the firm's DNA. Instead of innovation

Defining customer value as the driver of competitive advantage

H. Kurt Christensen

In the author's experience, even veteran executives often make statements about competitive advantage that reflect either genuine misunderstanding or casual misuse of the

Actions to implement three potent post‐crisis strategies

Saul J. Berman, Richard Christner, Ragna Bell

The purpose of this paper is to make suggestions as to how an organization successfully manage uncertainty and complexity and, ultimately, foster growth in the wake of the

Formulating policy with a parallel organization: how a CEO integrated independent divisions

Dale E. Zand, Thomas F. Hawk

Division managers in multi‐division, production organizations often focus primarily on their division's interests and goals and as a result may not be well motivated or

Using executive education program rosters to identify a succession cohort

Mark E. Haskins, George R. Shaffer

This paper posits that an organization's roster of managers slated to attend, or who have attended, an executive development program can be used as the starting point for

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