Strategy & Leadership: Volume 38 Issue 4


Table of contents - Special Issue: Making innovation the prime directive

Think disruptive! How to manage in a new era of innovation

Brian Leavy, John Sterling

The current downturn may offer a unique opportunity for astute corporate leadership to undertake the kind of innovation that disrupts markets, channels or even industries

A leader's guide to radical management of continuous innovation

Stephen Denning

Because traditional hierarchical management is increasingly counterproductive in an environment of rapid change that requires continuous enterprise‐wide innovation, the

When and how to innovate your business model

Edward Giesen, Eric Riddleberger, Richard Christner, Ragna Bell

Business‐model innovation is critical to success in today's increasingly complex and fast‐changing environment. So corporate leaders need to understand when to adapt the

In this recession's aftermath, CEOs face unique threats and opportunities

Robert J. Allio

As the tide of recession recedes, CEOs should consider potential changes in the business environment, make a list of emerging threats and review how firms in other

A system for continuous organizational renewal

Oliver Sparrow, Gill Ringland

The aim of this paper is to offer practitioners the outline of a unique system to facilitate organizational renewal.

A portfolio strategy for locating operations in the new “multi‐polar world”

Tim Cooper, Mark Purdy, Mark Foster

To help businesses throw light on potential sources of geographic advantage, Accenture researchers assessed the competitiveness of countries using the five dimensions

Social networks in the workplace: the risk and opportunity of Business 2.0

Daniel Burrus

This paper aims to present the opinions of Daniel Burrus, a futurist who has been predicting for decades which technologies would become the driving force of business and

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